About Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

The Australian Government's overseas aid program is a Federal Government funded program that reduces poverty in developing countries.

The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) manages the program.

Australia, through AusAID, works with other governments, the United Nations, Australian companies and non-government organisations to design and set up projects which tackle the causes and consequences of poverty in developing counties.

What is International Development?

International Development, also called development assistance, international aid, overseas aid or foreign aid, refers to the efforts of developed countries to reduce poverty in developing countries - those countries with low average incomes compared to the world average.

The term 'development aid' often refers specifically to Official Development Assistance (ODA), which is aid given by governments through their individual countries' international aid agencies, such as AusAID.

The Africa Governance Facility

Africa remains a major development priority for the international community. Australia plays its part in international efforts to assist Africa's development through a small but strategically targeted aid programme focused on southern and eastern Africa. To maximise impact, Australia will focus on promoting good governance by strengthening basic service delivery; responding to humanitarian needs, especially where linked to food security and conflict; and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

In 2005-06, Australia began implementation of a new multilateral and donor co-operation framework. Australia will also partner with NGOs in delivering assistance, and use regional mechanisms such as the Africa Governance Facility.

Australia is providing $15 million for the African Governance Facility. The Facility will focus on strengthening democracy and good governance in government and non-government organisations over the next five years. The Facility will enhance democratic processes by providing expert advice on electoral, judicial and legislative reform. Australia will also provide policy and management expertise in economic and financial governance and will work with African organisations to combat the debilitating impact of corruption. Australian experience in public sector reform will also be used to encourage governments to be more responsive in the delivery of essential services. Trade and economic development assistance is also a priority.

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