Self-Help Data Analysis Tool

TIPS has developed analytical templates that will provide useful indicators that assist less advanced trade analysts in their research.

These capacity building files provide step-by-step tutorials into calculating key areas and these templates are protected and offer only limited user interface. However, each template has instructions and technical notes embedded in the spreadsheets. The principals behind the trade measures and indicators are all transparent and visible to standard XLS users and no use is made of macros. Results of tables and graphs can be copied away to other spreadsheets or word documents if so desired.

In order to keep the file size of the downloads manageable, we have prepared templates at 2 levels of commodity disaggregation:
1. 2 Digit Harmonised System which offers about 98 clusters
2. 22 Chapters, an aggregation of 2 Digit HS clusters

The first set of templates contains easy-to-follow steps which illustrates the processes and objectives of calculating the following trade and tariff indicators:
1. Import Intensity Indexes
2. Export Intensity Indexes
3. Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA)
4. Revealed Trade Barriers (RTB)
5. Intra Industry Trade Indexes and
6. Tariff Data Profiles

These templates are efficient in that they progressively display and examine the steps in calculating the different indicators. They serve as a practical capacity building tool where users can replicate the steps in their own calculations.

The second, more advanced, set of indicators differs from the first set in that these templates are fully formulated to produce formatted answers for each indicator. That is to say, the second set of templates not only describe the methods of calculating, but have already been programmed with final results for the 13* SADC countries.

The second set of templates include:
1. Growth & Share measures, including the standard revealed comparative advantage measure
2. Market diversification measures according to the Hirfindahl and Weighted Spread index
3. Product diversification measures according to the Hirfindahl and Weighted Spread index
4. Intra-industry trade measures (only for 2 digit HS aggregation)
5. Trade Intensity measures
6. Decomposition of change in global export share according to the International Trade Centre (ITC) approach.

Although there are many other aggregations and classifications available from UNComTrade, it is not the intension of these templates to offer a definitive set of trade measures. Rather, the aim is more modest in terms of capacity building by bringing selected trade performance measures to the attention of trade analysts in a learning by doing self-help style so that own applications can be considered.

Upon further use we hope to receive user feedback in order to fine tune and complete a more final set of templates that can easily be maintained when new data is made available. Any comments can be directed to  

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE TEMPLATES (Please note that registration is required before access is granted)

*Templates are not available for Madagascar and the Seychelles