India and Africa hold first inaugural agri-food summit

As India and Africa hold their first ever Agri-Food Summit, the Asian powerhouse has emphasised the importance of increasing its trade relations with African countries, especially in the field of agriculture and agro-based products.

Inaugurating the Summit Tuesday, India's Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, pointing out the significance of holding the Summit in Agriculture, said there was a need to share experience for mutual benefit.

He hoped the Summit would address key areas such as resource management, inputs, mechanization, backward and forward linkages, credit and markets.

Recalling that India and Africa have an age old relationship, he said that now there is a new mood of buoyancy and optimism to expand cooperation.

Training and empowerment of human resources continue to remain India's strength. A large number of experts from Sub-Saharan Africa have received training in India in various fields, including South Africans.

With India's fast growing economy, the minister said the country was poised for the second green revolution, which will be realized through knowledge-based intervention.

Publication date: 
8 March, 2007