Africa In The World Economy: The National, Regional And International Challenges

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Contributors: Charles Abuka, Olu Ajakaiye, Vivek Arora, Roy Culpeper, Zdenìk Drábek, Adam Elhiraika, Stephen Gelb, Brian Kahn, Damoni Kitabire, Kamran Kousari, Lolette Kritzinger-van Niekerk, Matthew Martin, Mothae Maruping, Gordon McCord, Benno Ndulu, Ritva Reinikka, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Andrés Solimano, Jan Joost Teunissen and Wing Thye Woo Edited by Jan Joost Teunissen and Age Akkerman.
A book that examines the economic constraints to growth and development in sub-Saharan Africa, the international community’s responsibilities, and the development model that would best fit African realities. The contributors to this book examine the economic constraints to growth and development faced by sub-Saharan African countries. These constraints include the underdevelopment of domestic capital markets, the lack of national and regional infrastructures, and the ongoing dependence on the export of commodities whose prices and markets are volatile and remain largely determined by the large companies of western countries. At the same time, the book discusses the international community's responsibility to remove obstacles of its own making and create the necessary international conditions that would enable Africa to overcome its development and poverty problems. The book includes an interesting discussion about the development model – the role of the state and the role of the market – that would best fit African realities and the lessons that can be learned from experiences in Latin America and Asia. It also includes a timely analysis of the developmental role of emerging Asian investments into Africa.