Introduction to Economy-Wide Policy Impact Analysis

24 Sep 2007 - 02:00
28 Sep 2007 - 02:00

Workshop introduction
Most economics curricula deal with macroeconomic tools for studying the economy as a whole or microeconomic tools for studying the behaviour of individual agents or markets. However, practical public and private sector economic analysts often need to focus on the industry/sector or meso level of economic activity. Key sector analysis, sectoral impact studies, partial and general equilibrium trade and industry analysis are frequently conducted both in the public and the private sector.

Input-output (IO) and social accounting matrix (SAM) analyses are used on a regular basis as tools for such meso-level economic enquiry. Researchers use these tools to analyse the impact of policy-related and other changes on the economy. Such tools can also be extended to address broader concerns, such as the impact of policy on the environment or on energy requirements. Economic modelling techniques that capture economy-wide impacts of policy changes are increasingly being used in South Africa’s academic, consulting, research and policy environments.

To cater for the rising demand for these techniques, TIPS started offering a one-week introductory workshop on economy-wide policy impact analysis in 2001. We are pleased to announce that the seventh offering of this popular workshop will be held in Pretoria from 24-28 September 2007.

Workshop structure and benefits

The workshop is designed and presented by academics and experts in the field of economy-wide policy modelling. Lectures are used to introduce the theory and to provide insight into the scope of research possible using the particular modelling technique.

More importantly, each lecture is followed by hands-on exercises where the theory or model is applied using economic data from South Africa and other Southern African countries where appropriate. Apart from imparting the practical skills needed to apply the theory, these exercises familiarise participants with key features of the South African economy. Participants also present brief group projects using the modelling tools learnt during the workshop.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with sufficient theoretical and practical skills to engage in impact analysis. The workshop also provides a useful basis for process managers who have to digest such analysis, even though they may not undertake it themselves.

It also provides a solid grounding for those who wish to enter into the field of CGE modelling. For these participants, a CGE modelling workshop will be offered at a later stage.

Workshop fees: R8,000-00 (excluding VAT but including teas and lunches).
Closing date for registration: 28 August 2007

If you wish to be considered for admission to this workshop, please send you CV to Dirk Ernst van Seventer.

Further information on registration, accommodation and required preparation can be obtained from the workshop convenors: Dirk Ernst van Seventer or Rob Davies

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