Development Dialogue Seminar Series

25 Jan 2008 - 16:00
25 Jan 2008 - 17:30

TIPS/ ComMark Trust Office, 826 Government Ave. Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa

The Development Dialogue Seminar series is a new Seminar Series hosted by TIPS and the Commark Trust. The Seminars will generally be held in the afternoon of the last Friday of the month, and will start at 14h00 and conclude at 15h30 though discussions can continue after 15h30.

The Seminar programme has been designed for government officials and other stakeholders for whom the themes tackled are of relevance. The Seminars offer a platform to share views and ideas on specific development issues and alternative policy strategies.

The themes covered by the series are wide ranging - they span the informal economy, specific trade negotiation challenges, etc. the seminar series also attempts to offer perspectives from other countries in the region and beyond.

Who can attend?

Government officials and others who contribute to policy are targeted by the Seminar series. Though places are limited, please do let us know if you feel that a seminar would be of particular relevance to someone else.

Confirmation of attendance is required.

The First Seminar of 2008

The first Development Dialogue Seminar of 2008 will take place on the 25 January 2008 at 14h00.

The seminar will be on "Multiple crops and local distribution models for poverty alleviation: feasibility and recommendations".

About the Speaker

Tracy Van Der Heijen:

Tracy has received an Honours degree in Economics and Law from Wits. She has 7 years economic research experience in banking (at the Treasury) and stock broking, and 5 years in financial services. She was MD of an asset management company (R30 billion in assets) and MD of an asset management administration company (R40 billion in assets). Since 2003, Tracy has been working as an independent consultant. Her work includes public sector reform in Malawi, the implementation of various parts of the new National Credit Act for the NCR and economic analysis work for City of Johannesburg. She has also undertaken various studies for the HSRC, largely around job creation.

RSVP by email: to confirm attendance and specify food allergies if any, as a light lunch will be served.