Country Visit Data Manipulation and Analysis Training Workshop

6 Apr 2006 - 02:00
7 Apr 2006 - 02:00
University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia
The course in Zambia was conducted at the request of the University of Zambia. A workshop was held to explore the question of whether Zambia should belong to SADC, Comesa or both. (Lusaka is the headquarters of the COMESA Secretariat; Zambia has membership of both COMESA and SADC.) The trade data from the AusAID TIPS Southern African Trade Database was used to provide some initial findings. At the request of the workshop organisers, TIPS provided training on the database to all the participants. More than 50 students and staff members attended the workshop, and the importance of the SADC Trade Database in providing evidence of trade flows for SADC member states was underscored by various participants.
University of Zambia