Country Visit Data Manipulation and Analysis Training Workshop

24 Jul 2006 - 02:00
26 Jul 2006 - 02:00
Gaborone, Botswana

TIPS received a request from the SADC Secretariat to conduct a training course at SADC House in Gabarone, Botswana. The SADC Secretariat’s Directorate of Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment (TIFI) supports regional integration endeavors by making relevant, timely and accurate statistical information available to be used for SADC planning, policy formulation, protocol monitoring and decision-making. The SADC Trade database covers some of the aspects of TIFI and it was therefore an opportune time to exchange and share information through this capacity-building workshop.

Two TIPS staff members conducted a two-day course, addressing not only how to access the database but also some simple trade measures and indices. In particular, the training covered processes such as data collection, data availability, data sources, data cleaning and data publication schedules. An accessibility session discussed and evaluated both the online (via the internet) and offline (using the Beyond 2020 Browser via a CD) database applications. The use of the SADC Trade Database with Excel as well trade analysis issues were discussed to link the workshop to overall TIFI activities.

SADC Secretariat