Useful Papers


Introduction to trade in the commodity

World trends:

This set of articles highlights topical issues that affect the almond market, such as farmers’ planting behaviour, types of agricultural goods traded and details about emerging producers and consumers.

Food consumption patterns:

The following section provides greater detail on the effects of demographic, social and economic factors on food consumption patterns. Rising incomes and urbanisation have changed the quantity and type of food consumers’ demand, which in turn impact the type and manner in which food is produced. The food industry is dominated by multinational corporations that have global supply chains. To understand these multinational corporations’ requirements, a farmer must appreciate regions’ tastes and preferences.

Regional trade:

The following documents provide useful information on regional trade patterns in terms of who trades with whom, and the volume and value of trade.


This section provides information on sub-markets, issues such as organic farming and regulations that affect a producer’s ability to access a market.