Trade Information Brief: Organic Produce

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This TIB showcases opportunities for SADC growers and /or producers of organic agricultural products. Farmers in SADC countries are particularly well-suited to grow organic products. Apart from traditional factors, such as abundant land and cheap labour, which is generically touted as the region's competitive advantage, farmers enjoy a greater more pervasive advantage.
The market for organic products in most developing countries is entering into its growth phase and consumption is greater than production. This has pushed-up the price of an organic product compared to its conventional alternative. This price premium has encouraged farmers in developed countries to pursue organic farming but the conversion period takes three-years. Farms in SADC are classified as "virgin land" and as such the conversion period is one year. This gives SADC's farmers a considerable head-start which will be extremely useful to skim off excess price premiums before additional supply enters into the market. Furthermore, organic farming has the potential to be a more productive farming method for small-scale farmers as they are not reliant on difficult to obtain, expensive chemicals.
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