Useful Industry Organisations and Websites – is an ideal site for preliminary information about the food aspects of soybeans. It has useful links relating to various other aspects, including meal and industrial uses. Links pertaining to the industry and related key information such as production statistics and institutions can be found. – provides targeted information on the intended use of soybeans, whether in the food, feed or industrial arenas. Additional information for the consumer is available and includes information on the health impact of soy and products that are available to consumers. – This website gives answers to questions around GMO, crop production and land management. It also has links to official sites and institutions with regard to market reports and related statistics pertaining to the industry, ranging from seed, meal and oil production across all oilseeds and not just soybeans.

National Institute of Oilseed Products – – an international trade association with the principal objective of promoting the business welfare of persons, firms and corporations engaged in the buying, selling, processing, shipping, storage and use of vegetable oils and raw materials. Members include importers and exporters, samplers and weighers, transportation operators, brokers, testing laboratories, storage tank operators, processors, refiners, food manufacturers, insurance companies, soap and cosmetic firms and coconut and palm plantation operators. The NIOP also strives to form strategic alliances with other organisations in the oilseeds and oils and fats industries, with a list such organisations on its website.

South African Grain Information Service – – This is a good site that has information on production, prices and import prices across a range of seeds. It has contact details for oilseed growers, processors and storage operators.

List of major role-players in South Africa
  Company Representative Telephone Fax E-mail
Oilseeds Industry Grain SA Mr N Hawkins (0565) 152145 (0565) 153613
Oilseeds Industry (sunflower, SA Oil Pressers Association Mr R Moosa (011) 7848000 (011) 7848004
soybeans and groundnuts) Groundnut Processors Association Mr C Lourens (056) 343 3311 (056) 343 2893
  National Chamber of Baking Ms I van Schalkwyk (012) 663-1600 (012) 663 1604
Small Millers          
  Godrich Flour Mills Mr T Godrich (013) 9320155 (013) 9321626
  Small Millers Co-op Mr P Randall (012) 8038803 (012) 8039787
Animal Feed (Maize Industry)          
  AFMA - Animal Feed Manufacturers Association Mr D Boshoff (012) 6639097 (012) 6639612
Commercial Grain Silo Owners GSI - Grain Silo Industry Mr P Louw (012) 3483044 (012) 3482980
  SACOTA - SA Cereals & Oilseeds Trade Association Mr J Gordon (011) 7848000 (011) 7848004
  NAMC - National Agricultural Marketing Council Mr S Pienaar (012) 3411115 (012) 3411811
  SA Agricultural Processors Association Mr JF de Villiers (012) 6631660 (012) 6633109
  SA Biofuels Association (SABA) Mr E. Seiler (011) 486 2775 (011) 486 3625