About Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)

Established in 1996, TIPS is an independent, non-profit research institution which is active in the SA and Southern African economic policy arena and co-ordinates a network of researchers. Our aim is to remain responsive to government and other clients’ research and information needs, to deliver high-quality, policy-relevant research, and to extend and deepen our public-good activities.

Key Research Areas

TIPS’ current research activities are clustered around four thematic areas:

  • Trade Analysis
  • SMMEs & Local Economic Development
  • Sector Analysis
  • Economic Regulation


  • Practitioner-focused practical research.
  • Substantive research focused on immediate needs.
  • Strategic ‘over the horizon’ public-good research for which there may be little immediate explicit demand.

TIPS commissions research that responds to the information needs of trade, industry and broader microeconomic policy-makers. It further influences the evolution of the policy environment by introducing longer term research engagement with emerging policy questions and broader trends in trade and industrial policy. A wide range of authors and institutions contribute an extensive set of published reports, articles and working papers each year, available at:



Policy briefings to government and civil society.
Maintenance of a media presence.

Capacity building

  • Training courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Scholarships, research grants and an active involvement in universities’ research agendas enable TIPS to assist in the continuous improvement of research quality.

Dissemination of Research

  • Policy-focused Annual Forum.
  • Small, structured workshops.
  • Substantial biennial thematic volumes of policy-focused research.
  • Working Paper series.
  • Ad hoc Briefing Papers.
  • Quarterly Trade & Industry Monitor.

Some of Our Clients

TIPS undertakes research for a broad range of local government departments, non-profit organisations and regional bodies:

  • the dti
  • The National Treasury
  • The Department of Public Enterprises
  • The National Department of Transport
  • SADC Secretariat

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