Intra-SADC Trade Performance Review 2006 (FULL DOCUMENT)

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This Intra-SADC Trade Review, the second in a series of three, involves the analysis of the trade performance of SADC member states. The project arose as the result of a number of interactions with the policy and research community in Southern Africa and was partially developed as a response to the data gap that exists with regard to trade statistics available for the region that are not of a mirror nature. An important innovation of the Programme has therefore been the introduction of a SADC-wide trade database, which has enabled the analysis of SADC countries’ trade with one another.

The country reviews in this Trade Performance Review are not intended to be definitive assessments of Southern African countries’ trade performance, but are intended to increase the sophistication of the trade analysis presented progressively, and via our use of researchers based in member states themselves, also to improve the capacity and expertise of trade analysts in Southern Africa.
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