Trade Performance Review 2007: Chapter 0: Foreword and Introduction

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The Southern Africa Trade Performance Review 2007 builds on the work of the previous two editions of the Review to further map the trade flows of countries in the region, as well as assess their trade performance, with particular reference to intra-regional trade.

This year, the Review has further strengthened the policy insight perspectives provided in the analysis by in-country reviewers, as well as giving a more focused perspective on specific industries of interest. Whilst a smaller sub-set of SADC member countries has been selected in this edition, this analysis has been complemented by the introduction of a new facet to the Review.

To broaden the policy perspectives of the region, two key themes of particular interest to the region are presented in a critical fashion by prominent experts in these fields. With the phase-out of the Cotonou and introduction of Economic Partnership Agreements, all SADC member states have been trying to assess which configurations would be most suitable to them. Chris Stevens of the International Economic Development Group at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) tries to shed some light on this burning issue, whilst Gregory Mthembu-Salter, an independent researcher and consultant, tackles non-tariff barriers, another crucial issue for trade in the region.
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